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Harry Potter Theme Party To Teach And Train All Party Guests In

Harry Potter books have changed the way most people see the world therefore making a Harry Potter party for a fun of the movie can be a lot of fun. In order to throw a fun Harry Potter theme party there must be fun Harry Potter theme games. Give Harry Potter party guests a lot of party games that will entertain them as well as educate them.

Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle. Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle is a fun way to test the Harry Potter knowledge of the party guests. A Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle can be written on a dry erase board or poster board. Harry Potter party guests will enjoy finding the correct answers to Harry Potter questions with out looking at the computer or other devices. This is a fun way to get guests to interact with each other with the prospect of accomplishing something together.

Looking for the Sorcerer's Stone.: The stone is to be hidden around the room where the party is located and the guests try to find it. The Sorcerer's Stone can be a red gem attached to a gold necklace or a cut out or drawing the of Sorcerer's Stone.

Hedwig Hooting Owl Game. This is a fun game that all party guests, even adults can play. Have everyone stand in a circle with one player standing in the center of the group blindfolded. Now, the player in the center must hoot like an owl continuously until that player says stop. As the player in the center hoots, the players around the player are walking in a circle at a consistent pace. When the player in the center says stop the players walking must stop. At this moment the player calls out a question (Harry Potter related) to be answered by the person directly behind, in front, or to the left of right of him. The player who is in the spot the player is located must answer a question given by the party. If that player answers the question correctly they can remain in the game or challenge the player in the center if he or she knows the answers. If the player in the center does not the know answer, the player who challenged that player becomes the owl in the center. If the player challenges the owl and the owl answers correctly, that player who gave the challenge is eliminated and the game continues. The game ends when there is one player remaining.

Create a Potion: This game gives the party guests the chance to make potions. There are dozens of potions the party guests can make, label and take home with them.

Most often planning and organizing a Harry Potter party will take a lot of time but with Harry Potter Party Supplies and Invitations it will be well worth the effort. Give the celebrant their ideal celebration by throwing him or her Harry Potter theme party.

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