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Article Submission - Simple Ways to Save Your Articles From Reje

Doing article marketing is a lot of hard work; I wouldn't lie about that. It will require a lot of writing and research time. You also need to spend at least an hour everyday distributing your articles to hundreds of directories. The last thing that you would like to happen is to get your articles rejected. Here's how you can avoid that from happening:

1. Read and understand the terms of service of directories that you're going to use. Before you'll be allowed to submit articles to directories, you will be asked to register an account first. In the process of doing so, you'll be presented with the site's terms of service. In here, you'll learn about their do's and don'ts. Don't just read them but understand them very carefully. Believe me, this can save you a lot of time later on. I always tell newbies to write down the guidelines and place it where they would usually write their articles so they will not need to go back and forth each time they're tapping on their keyboard.

2. High quality, 100% unique articles. Most articles directories, particularly those that are considered top-rated are very strict when it comes to the quality of the articles that they publish. As they want nothing but the best for their visitors, they only accept articles that are very informative, well-written, and 100% unique. So, you can forget about the idea of copying other's work and not really exerting conscious effort in producing the perfect articles.

3. Length. Article marketing sites have different requirements when it comes to the length of the articles that they accept. 300 words is accepted to others while other directories will require longer articles. To be on the safe side, it's best if you make each of your articles run at least 450 words.

4. Blatant ads and sales pitches. If there's one thing that is considered a big no-no in article marketing, this would be it. Publishers know and understand that when online users read articles, they want information and not ads. So, these people reject those copies that mention a name of a particular product or service or those that contain links on the article body. Don't worry as you can still talk about your website and your offerings but only in your resource box.

5. Check the links on your resource box. Hit the preview button before you submit your articles. Then, click the link that you have inserted on your resource box to ensure that they're working. They must be able to take your readers to the right web pages. Publishers will reject your articles if your links are broken or not functioning properly. You don't want that to happen, do you?

6. Don't be a keyword abuser. Properly optimize your articles and ensure that the density of each keyword/keyphrase that you're targeting in your articles is just 2% or below. Right now, the most common reason why article marketing sites reject copies is due to keyword abuse.