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Let the Energy Flow

Once it all fits in we seem to think there is no reason to change it. But we should. Every now and again we can get the energy flowing again simply by moving the furniture around. By doing so we change the energy in the room and allow new possibilities that we might not have thought of before.

Any time that you feel that life is getting stale or you feel stuck, you can shift things by rearranging your living space. My living room is hard to rearrange satisfactorily and I find it a challenge to fit things in to its rather odd shape, but doing so gets my creativity flowing again. By thinking outside the box as to where things could go, I keep myself open to new ideas and stretch myself a little. I don't always like the way I have arranged things, but then it is easy just to change them again, until I find a new system that works.

I replaced my computer recently, buying a newer, more streamlined model that took up far less space. Suddenly my office felt more airy and spacious and I had a lot more desk space. The energy has changed in my office and I feel like there is much more room to try new things, without the cluttered feel of before. I am trying to keep the space open, though it is tempting to fit more things into that empty space.

A friend of mine went through a divorce a while back and was struggling to move forward afterwards. She had stayed in the same house that she'd shared with her husband for many years, but hadn't changed anything. Eventually she decided to take the plunge and hired a feng shui specialist to help her rearrange her home and clear the energy. The first thing he advised was to rearrange her bedroom completely. She said that the simple act of moving the furniture created a shift in energy, which allowed her to move forward from that stuck place and start on her new life.

We all tend to get stuck in ruts now and then, staying with the familiar. Shaking up your life a little by moving the furniture may not seem very profound, but it might just be all you need to get new energy flowing and make you feel like exploring new ground again. It is also an easy thing to do with no risk whatsoever. If you don't like your new arrangement, you can keep changing it until you do.