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Nike Dunk Custom High - Oreos Paris

The Nike Dunk Custom High - Oreos Paris is one of Nike Dunks classified as 'high' dunks, alongside the likes of the Nike Dunk Hi Premium Atmos, the Nike Dunks 9743, Nike Dunk 9763, the Nike Dunk Hi Premium FC St. Pauli to name but a few of the other offerings that you are likely to come across when shopping for Nike Dunk Custom High -Oreos Paris. I would have to confess to having gotten thoroughly enchanted with my pair of Nike Dunk Custom High Oreos Paris since I purchased and got to use it, quite some time back.

In keeping with its name, the nike dunks is indeed quite a high shoe. The shoe's sole is quite thick; elevating the shoe quite considerably, for starters. It is also quite a 'long shoe' starting off at what is a relatively flat angle on the front part of it - but then gaining a gradient at some point between the portion of the shoe where the 'tongue' starts offs and the tip of the tongue, which is the highest point of the shoe. The back portion of the shoe is quite low though, which makes the shoe quite a comfortable wear.

Color-wise, my particular pair of nike dunks is primarily a light shade of yellow, with a multi-colored patch appearing at various parts of the shoe. Other colors make a showing on the nike dunks too, so that ultimately, one ends up identifying at least 4 colors on the Nike Dunk Custom High - Oreos Paris: in my case the light shade of yellow that makes the base color, the black and white that make up the shoe sole (whose bottom is black, but whose upper region is colored pure white), and the red that colors the shoelaces and the Nike tick on it.

If you hate shoes that make use of a flap mechanism for 'tying' then you will certain get to love the nike dunks, which fully employs a shoe-lace thread and quite a long (18-hole) one at that.

The sole employed on the Nike Dunk Custom High - Oreos Paris is, even from the sight of it, quite a sturdy sole. As mentioned earlier, this sole is basically black in color, though the upper region of it is painted white, with only the front-most and backmost ends of it showing off the black (base) color. Perhaps in a bid to accentuate the illusion of height on the nike dunks, the sole on it has some vertical strips engraved on it (on its sides). As one would expect, there is signature 'Nike tick' emblazoned on the shoe's sole, though in my pair this is not very conspicuous, as it gets swallowed up by the similar (black) colored sole.

The quite elongated signature Nike 'tick' on the Nike Dunk Custom High - Oreos Paris is, as mentioned earlier, bright red in color, which matches immaculately with the red shoelace employed on the shoe.