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Popular High Heel Brands Today

One of the most common choices of footwear for women today is a pair of high heels. In fact, due to its popularity, high heels have become one of the more important components of a fashion conscious woman's wardrobe. Due to this, two major changes have occurred in today's society. The first being an overall increase in the prices of the heels and the corresponding increase in the scrutiny women take to these shoes in an effort to secure a worthwhile investment.

The second change is the increase in the number of brands of in today's fashion industry. As a matter of fact, one can easily find hundreds of small shoe brands all over the internet or in malls today. However, for those who are much more fashion conscious or simply have the desire to pursue their desire for the best, some of the veteran brands will be discussed here. One of the more famous and well-known brands of all time is Jimmy Choo Ltd, a brand that has done more than set the bar for all other brands today.

To give a brief introduction, the brand is that of a Malaysian shoe designer and is currently based in the United Kingdom. This legendary brand was born in 1996 when Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon co-founded the company. Some of the company's more famous products are the Ciggy heels released for fall/winter 2011 featuring a design of heels that are made with thin cylindrical heels that are quite similar in shape to a cigarette. The high and thin heels seem to give off an excellent amount of sex appeal for the wearer. Another extremely successful brand is Gucci or officially known as The House of Gucci is an excellent veteran brand of shoes and clothes since its founding in 1921 in Florence by Guccio Gucci.

Of the brand's many achievements, some of the more prominent ones include being ranked as the biggest-selling brand from Italy and an annual worldwide revenue of approximately 4.2 billion Euros in 2008. If one were to visit their official online boutique to peruse their heeled goods, they will find a wide variety of quality high heels. However, be warned that many of Gucci heels are notoriously high in height though there are some lower varieties.

A third notable brand is Christian Louboutin shoes which produce some of the most fashionable and comfortable shoes available today. While most of the designing is done by Mr. Louboutin himself, the brand has managed to maintain its position as the brand with the top Luxury Brans Status Index for three years running. The brand's designs have even been declared in 2007 through 2009 as the Most Prestigious Women's Shoes.

L.A.M.B. Shoes however, belong to a fashion line developed by Gwen Stefani. The brand was founded in 2004 and is currently one of the more popular up and coming brands today earning revenue of approximately 90 million dollars annually. Other more successful brands of high heels available today include Manolo Blahnik's stiletto heels known as the symbol of the styles of the 21st century, Roger Vivier stilettos that are known as "The Faberge of Footwear" and "The Fragonard of the Shoe" as well as Sergio Rossi shoes, the creator of the Eco Pump.